Training sessions

How often should I train?

Many of our swimmers currently train twice a week. Anything less than that it will be difficult to progress.

What does training consist of?

Training involves regular lap swimming for fitness, endurance and aerobic capacity. There is also a warm-up and stretching component. Then the coach will teach the swimmers figures (the synchronised swimming movements). Finally, they will choreograph and practice a routine comprising various figures to music.

Who can be a coach?

Coaches need to complete a Level 1 Synchronised Swimming Training Course. To get full accreditation you also need a current first aid certificate. Some clubs prefer if you have vicswim teaching accreditation also.

What equipment will I need for training?

Training equipment is very simple and your club will be able to help you source the right equipment. You will probably need:

  • Bathers
  • Nose clips
  • Swim caps

Training mats are used for stretching but are usually provided by your club.

For routines in competitions special bathing costumes are used to complement the music and choreography.