Joining SynchroVic and our clubs

How much does it cost to learn?

Some clubs charge a fee for each term. Others charge each time you go. Depending on your club, it might cost you around $1,200 per year. There are holiday training camps too which may cost extra.

If you want to participate in competitions (and who wouldn’t?) it will cost around $150 per year also. Sometimes competitions are held interstate or overseas and this can be an optional extra expense but will be important if you want to make it to the top.

You also need to be registered with SynchroVIc (VSSI) which costs around $80 per year (and covers your insurance).

Register as a SynchroVic (VSSI) member, download registration form below, completed, and returned to SynchroVic registrar Barbara Schembri via email:

What age can I start Synchro?

Age is no barrier to synchronised swimming however swimming ability is. Most young children are not very comfortable with spending a lot of time in deep water.

Some people have learnt synchro as adults. Contact our clubs who might have special programs for adult learners.

Our clubs

Eastern Sirens Synchronised Swimming

Golden Fish

PLC Synchronised Swimming Club